Date Posted... Dec 14th 2023

Festive Merriment in WAA

Festive cheer filled the courts and pitches as the netball, hockey, and rugby groups embraced the holiday spirit. Bedecked in Santa hats, tinsel and festive outfits, the athletes and staff added a delightful touch of merriment to the courts and pitches of Truro School.

Across the SBA car park, the tantalising aroma of gingerbread wafted from the Leiths kitchen, where the WAA group busily baked and decorated traditional Cornish Fairings to take home or share with their friends. Whilst the Wednesday photography group ventured to the Lemon Quay Christmas market and Truro Cathedral, seeking inspiration for their final portfolio of work.

What a wonderful holiday atmosphere to celebrate the final WAA Day of 2023