Date Posted... Dec 6th 2023




Festive Fun in Boarding

This weekend was filled with festive activities and delicious treats. The boarding team decorated the chapel Christmas tree and as well as opening their chocolate advent calendars, all boarders took part in their mindfulness advent calendars, promoting a sense of calm and reflection during this particular time of year.

Everyone was invited to the cookery school to showcase their culinary skills. Guided by Mr Rosenthal they baked and crafted their own yule logs. The dining hall became a hub of anticipation as all the bakes were gathered for the ‘bake-off judges’ to sample and provide their expert opinions. It was great fun, with creativity and taste taking centre stage.

The Pentreve boarders also embraced their artistic side by constructing and decorating gingerbread houses. While there may have been a slight mishap with the collapse of both houses shortly after capturing these photos, we can certainly appreciate the effort and creativity that went into them.

More festive fun to follow next weekend.