Date Posted... Mar 6th 2024

Exploring Metal Extraction and Processing

Lower Sixth geology students recently gained insights into mineral liberation and separation processes during a visit to Grinding Solutions  (GSL) in Tresillian. GSL is a global collaborator with clients in the metalliferous, coal, industrial minerals, and environmental sectors. It plays a crucial role in many industries.

Metallurgist James Goldsbrough quizzed students on their knowledge of common ore minerals and showcased the company’s sampling and analysis techniques. Students observed the separation of metals through crushing, milling, heavy liquid, and magnetic processes. A highlight of the tour was a flotation demonstration illustrating copper extraction and tin separation via gravity on a shake table. The visit offered valuable insights into potential career paths for geologists, exploring environmental geology, geotechnical engineering, and mining.

Libby R, L6 Geology Prefect, said, “It was such a great opportunity to see and understand all the stages that go into producing the metals we use every day. It is a process that is so important but is not even considered by most people who use the products.”

A big thank you to the GSL team for hosting us.