Date Posted... Jun 11th 2020

Evie becomes a published writer

2nd Year Evie has received the fantastic news that her short story has been chosen for publication in a book showcasing young adults’ work.

The book, called SOS Sagas – Missing – Tales from the UK, features mini sagas (just 100 words long) on the theme of ‘missing’.

Packed full of tension and suspense, Evie’s mini-saga has been selected from over 6,000 entries nationwide.

Jasmine Husband, who runs the school book club, which Evie attends, commented:

“Evie has done exceptionally well to have her short story chosen for publication. A brilliant achievement! It is the start of what could be a really exciting journey for Evie’s writing”.

We look forward to reading the book once it has been published later in the year.