Date Posted... Mar 15th 2024

EPQ Showcase- An Evening of Excellence

Our audience was in for a real treat this week, as they enjoyed the Truro School EPQ Showcase evening. The Extended Project Qualification is an established A-Level programme that equips students with a range of professional, academic and personal skills.

From researching to referencing; discussing to creating; each student’s project is a unique venture into a personalised area of interest. Students select one project from an option of four (artefact, dissertation, investigation and performance) and delve into a defined area of enquiry. After completing their projects, they are required to present their work to a non-specialist audience, where they present their work before taking questions from the audience on their subject. This year we enjoyed topics including creating a fragrance, looking at whether the U.S. drug policy should be reformed, and if psychology is a limiting factor of space exploration.

It was a truly insightful evening, with every audience member learning something new from the presentations.