Date Posted... Mar 22nd 2024

Energy, Enthusiasm, and Insight

Congratulations to our 2nd Years for their fabulous performances in Truro School’s 17th annual Shakespeare Festival.

The festival showcased a variety of themes from Shakespeare’s plays, with each short play devised and enacted by our pupils, crafted using the words of Shakespeare.

The event featured interpretations of works such as The Tempest, Hamlet, Richard III, Macbeth, and Twelfth Night, exploring themes of displacement, ownership, belonging, ghosts and tyrants, death, illusion, deception, and love. Pupils demonstrated creativity and talent in bringing Shakespeare’s words to life, with guidance from their teachers and influence from renowned writers.

Special thanks to Ms Selvey, Head of English, Ms Egar, Drama Specialist, the Burrell Theatre tech crew, English teachers, English prefects, and our pupils for their energy, enthusiasm, and insight in making the festival a success.