Date Posted... Oct 15th 2021

Dungeons and Dragons WAA

One of this week’s Wednesday afternoon activities saw pupils across all year groups of the senior school partake in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Based off the original board game this activity uses the D&D Beyond website which gives pupils access to over 42 Dungeons & Dragons digital books and an interactive character sheet all of which they can access both at school and home. Those who are running a game also have access to a wide variety of adventures to choose from for their group.

The Dungeons & Dragons activity currently has 17 pupils and students across the whole school and Sixth Form, which is the highest number since it started in 2019. In order to accommodate the number of participants they’ve been split into three groups, 1st-3rd Years, 4th-5th Years, and Sixth Form. Two of the groups are run by Sixth Formers and I run the other group. Those who run the groups are referred to as Dungeon Master’s.

The game is run using theatre of the mind, where everything is described verbally and each player visualises what is happening in their mind.

“In the adventure I’m running the players are investigating a disease called Frigid Woe that’s broken out in a small village in the frozen north. They’re trying to find out where the disease came from and find a cure for it. So far on their adventure the players have encountered a criminal gang also looking for the cure, they’ve travelled to caverns infested with giant ice frogs, and are now exploring a mysterious island shrouded in a perpetual winter with ancient ruins from a long lost civilisation.”

Ross Lovell