Date Posted... Aug 23rd 2023

Driving Towards Sustainability

Introducing Our New Electric Minibuses, Solar Panels, and Charging Units.

We are thrilled to unveil our latest strides in promoting a greener future by introducing our cutting-edge electric minibuses, advanced charging units and state-of-the-art solar panels.

Our new fleet of electric minibuses is an excellent step towards promoting sustainable transportation and reducing our environmental impact locally. Emitting zero tailpipe emissions and delivering a quieter, more eco-friendly commuting experience, these minibuses are part of our ambition to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the local environment. State-of-the-art charging units have also been installed to provide a reliable and efficient way to power our electric minibuses. By investing in a robust charging infrastructure, we are making strides towards a more accessible and sustainable electric vehicle ecosystem.

The Facilities Team here are thrilled to have these state-of-the-art vehicles join our fleet.  Gary Langley said “These new vehicles are an absolute pleasure to drive and with a 140-mile range they will be used for our daily shuttle services and for pupil excursions and activities. We are also thrilled to have employed a local company too for our vehicle branding .”

Also this summer, we installed fifty-two solar panels, each generating 425 watts, which will go a long way to capturing renewable energy and converting it into sustainable power. These solar panels will generate clean and renewable energy, reducing the school’s carbon footprint and reliance on traditional energy sources.

Together, these three milestones represent our ongoing dedication to sustainability, innovation, and responsible business practices. Chief Operating Officer Kieran Topping said, “We are thrilled to welcome these hugely positive initiatives to our school, some more small steps in helping us pursue our ambition towards net zero.”

Stay tuned for more updates on our sustainable initiatives and their impact on our communities.