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Dan Worth CO03

Senior Editor for Tes (formerly Times Education Supplement)

Old Truronian Dan Worth thoroughly enjoyed his years at Truro School between 1996 – 2003.  

I have great memories of everything from excellent lessons and sporting opportunities to fun trips in the UK and abroad, endless games of football at lunchtime and mountains of chips, beans and bread on Fridays. Overall, it was a great place to go to school and I will always be grateful to my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend Truro School. 

Dan’s younger brother  Joshua Worth CO06 is also an Old Truronian.  Having graduated from University College London, Joshua worked as a journalist and musician in London, before moving to Sweden where he now lives and works.  

Dan’s memories of his time at Truro are vivid:  

I can recall so much of it with clarity: – the Graham Smith block, the quad, the walk up the hill from the bus (shout out to the Falmouth bus crew), the dining hall, the terraces – home of some dramatic football matches against rival schools (some we won, some we lost by double-digit scores…ouch). Then there were the house competitions for rugby, cricket and football and cross-country running too – and so much more.” 

Dan remembers many school trips including a geography field trip to Chesil Beach, a ski trip in his first year, the 45 miles Ten Tors Challenge in 2002 and training weekends on Dartmoor which he described as “cold, wet, tired, hungry, often lost, but a lot of fun and character building.”  

Dan loved the community spirit of the school, particularly around Christmas time.  Christmas always had an exciting feel - the staff plays, Christmas lunches, fun lessons – I think that sort of stuff matters a lot to make a school a community, not just a place to learn.” 

Dan never really considered any career except journalism as he knew he wanted to work with words and so it seemed the right fit: I remember being asked to prepare a career talk for a form lesson with  Mr Hunt. I decided to do something on ‘what it takes to become a journalist’.  Whether that was uncovering a hidden career aspiration or simply the first thing I could think of to do, I have no idea! But I did become a journalist and never really entertained another career, so there must have been something in it! 

After leaving school Dan studied English and History at Cardiff University and then took a one year course in Magazine Journalism before moving to London for his first job.  He worked for nine years as a technology journalist which enabled him to travel the world.  He regularly visited the West Coast of the US, Las Vegas, China, Israel, and Europe, interviewing CEOs of the biggest tech firms, and regularly attending events across the UK including the Houses of Parliament.  

It was a great job working among those in a sector changing the world with innovations that we now all take for granted. The chance to be at the forefront, talking to the people making it happen was really exciting.”  

Dan has made regular appearances on BBC TV, Sky News, BBC Radio and CNN as an ‘expert contributor’: 

“It was a great experience, which brought many advantages - from going to Euro 2012 to being a guest as Glastonbury, as well as the aforementioned travel - which always felt like a lot of fun.”  

In 2008 Dan was also a guest speaker at the annual  London Cornish Association  (The London Cornish Association (LCA) is a non-political, non-sectarian, cultural and social organisation which promotes and fosters fellowship and goodwill among Cornish people in London and elsewhere.) after he wrote about the Association for Cornwall Today  magazine. Dan has also been an occasional lecturer on Canterbury Christ Church University’s journalism course. 

Dan now works as a Senior Editor for  Tes  (formerly called the Times Education Supplement) . 

It is a really fast-paced, interesting, and dynamic job. The last 12 months have been unbelievably busy trying to keep up with the situation facing schools during the various stages of the pandemic.”  

Dan feels that his time at school helped him progress later in life and explains:   

 “Obviously, the academic side was strong, but I think in ways you don’t appreciate at the time, Truro School prepares you well for the future in terms of building confidence as a person and teaching you not just to learn facts and pass exams but to become curious about the world and keep on learning whatever you go on to do.”   

Dan’s role as senior editor entails writing news, features, analysis, and hosting podcasts detailing everything going on in the world of education – both in the UK and among the huge international schools market.  

“I started writing for Tes as a freelancer while working full-time as a technology journalist and over time was lucky enough to be asked to work for them.  I have really enjoyed getting to know more about the world of education and its complexities - from research-informed teaching to the politics of education and how much more there is to teaching than just the ‘teaching’.”  

Dan hosts a podcast called  ‘My Best Teacher‘  for Tes, where he interviews celebrities about their time in school to find out about the teachers that made a big difference to them. So far, his guests have included Tim Vine, Meera Syal, LemnSissay, Clare Balding and Cerys Matthews and he promises many more interesting guests to come. He would very much like to interview some Old Truronian celebrities – so if you are reading this, please do contact Dan at - [email protected] 

Hosting the podcast has given Dan the opportunity to consider the ‘many great teachers’ from his time at Truro School:  

  • Dr Flood and Mrs Flood - History- They really brought the drama of history to life, which inspired me to study the subject at university. 
  • Ms Neale (TS 1990-2003), Mr Neill (TS 1997- 2002), Mr Macdonald (2001-2015), Mrs Spence (TS 1997-2012) - English teachers – all of whom inspired a real love of language, writing and creativity that unquestionably helped me succeed in my career.  
  • Mrs Rainbow (TS 1990-2018) - Also a great history teacher, but I also remember her lessons as just being just pure joy, full of fun and laughter too. 
  • Mr Hunt’s - French – His lessons were memorable – I will never forget the French for mushroom that is for sure!  
  • Mr Triggs(TS 1980 – 2003) - Languages - Who took us on an amazing trip to France and BelgiumOne particular memory of that trip has stayed with me: One day we visited a war memorial site and before we got out of the minibus he turned and told us that this was a very sacred place and we needed to be respectful. The aura among us all the entire time we were there was deeply sombre, and I remember everyone genuinely thanking Mr Triggs and Mrs King (TS 2006-2016), the other teacher on the trip, for taking us there because it felt so important.   Moments like these really do stay with you. 

Often, we remember small details or moments from our time at school.  At the time the teachers may not have been aware of anything remarkable or memorable, but pupils can be left with an indelible memory for many years to come and this is something that comes up repeatedly in the Podcast. I have many more lasting memories of course, and hosting the podcast has made me fully appreciate how lucky Old Truronians are to have attended a school with not just one or two great teachers but absolutely loads.”   

Dan is married to Stacie and they live in Canterbury.  Stacie is a dance-artist, researcher and filmmaker who has had work shown at the National Maritime Museum in London and the Turner Contemporary in Margate. The couple are excepting their first child in late May. 

Relaxation and free time for Dan means playing the piano, cycling, walking, reading or a little ‘low-level’ DIY. Although his busy schedule has not allowed him to visit the School for some years, he hopes one day he will get the chance to return and view some of the changes. However, Dan does keep in touch with many of his friends from Truro School including  Adam SmithAdam StrowgerChris BarnesNathan CaponeAlex LillyJack WilliamsDave NealeMatt Jones, and  Dale Diment (all CO03).  

“We regularly reminisce about Truro School days and have attended several of the past London Networking Reunions.  It’s a nice opportunity to gather and just say ‘Hi’ to everyone.” 

We very much look forward to the time when we can hold our Truro School Connected, London Networking Reunion once again, and bring together our OT community with a warm welcome.   

We also look forward to receiving an update from Dan in May, with news of the newest edition to the Worth family! 

Dan Worth CO03 presenting an awards

Dan Worth CO03 and wife, Stacie

Dan Worth CO03 on Sky News

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