Date Posted... Apr 1st 2022




Curiosity Sent into Planetary Orbit at Pre-Prep

Pupils at Truro School Pre-Prep were sent into virtual orbit today via an amazing planetarium; set up in their assembly hall!

The look of awe and wonder was fantastic to see as pupils arrived to see their hall transformed by the huge dome. Run by Simon Ould of Space Odyssey, the mobile planetarium offers a spectacular 360-degree immersive learning experience.

Our Prep pupils journeyed through the Solar System with astronaut George to discover what makes each planet unique and what makes Earth so very special. They then learnt about the first lunar landing and some amazing facts about the Moon.

This memorable treat was the culmination of this half term’s topic, ‘Earth, Infinity and Beyond’. In literacy, pupils learnt about some of the hidden heroines of the space race, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Christine Gardens. These four women were some of the key mathematicians and scientists behind the successful Apollo 11 flight and subsequent missions.

The children also did some space prints and stunning ceramics. We think this learning experience has been truly out of this world!