Date Posted... Dec 15th 2020




Cubs at Christmas

The cubs had a blast at the Christmas Outdoor Extravaganza Party. There were games from Rudolph and Father Christmas present, a chimney stuffing challenge, manhunt, and a nightime glowstick Zombie chase through the woods.

The cubs were given the provisions to build and light fires and make food. Unassisted they did themselves proud lighting fires and producing “the best pizza ever” and delicious chocolate bananas. In-between all this, Truro underwent a dramatic change of climate as the cubs danced in a snow storm under disco lights. They also had time during the day to film a music video, Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is coming to Town”.  The day wouldn’t have been complete without another fire and toasting a few marshmallows washed down with a steaming hot chocolate.

Grainne, pack leader said: “It’s been a hard year for everyone and we are very proud to have our group of cubs still together doing amazing things. We are still planning to run next term off site and working out a programme of events. We have some spaces left in cubs (although we are limited to a maximum of 15 at present – due to Covid restrictions) if you are interested and Year 3 or above please register your interest here .”