Date Posted... Nov 28th 2023

Creative Cell Models in Biology

1st Year pupils have been showcasing their impressive biology models in class, demonstrating their knowledge of the structure and functions of a cell. As part of their biology module on cell structures, pupils were tasked with creating their own plant and animal cell models.

The level of effort and dedication put into these creations was evident, with pupils using a variety of materials such as glass, clay, wool, polystyrene, glue, and gelatine to represent their cell structures. The models’ construction processes were equally intriguing, including 3D printing, CNC routing, knitting, moulding, extrusion, and embroidery.

The judging of the cell models was carried out by the Sixth Form biology prefects, who faced a challenging task due to the exceptional quality of the submissions. Out of a total of 120 models, 15 were shortlisted, and the winners were announced as Teddy (1M), Archie (1J), and Vijetaa (1J). The judging criteria focused on creativity, which was described as “utterly outstanding this year.” Additionally, the judges paid close attention to the accuracy of labelling and the additional information provided to explain the functions of the cell’s organelles.

Head of Biology, Ms. Havis, expressed her delight, stating that this year’s display of creativity was the best she had ever seen. She commended all pupils for their remarkable achievements and mentioned that even the Sixth Formers and other biology teachers couldn’t resist visiting the lab to admire the incredible selection of models on display.