Date Posted... Nov 13th 2023

Creating Connections Through The Gruffulo

At Truro School, we pride ourselves on the seamless journey pupils take from the early years right through to the Sixth Form. With this said, it’s important that the members of our community engage to bring the school together. Today, our youngest members ventured over to the Senior School to meet our Upper Sixth prefects, the oldest school members.

The event began with great anticipation as the Reception class arrived, filled with excitement and curiosity. The Upper Sixth prefects, who serve as role models and leaders, warmly greeted the young children, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The theme for the morning was a delightful Gruffalo tea, which added an element of fun and imagination to the session. The Reception class had the opportunity to use ‘money’, a valuable life skill, to purchase cakes and juice. This activity encouraged independence and decision-making abilities in the young children. It was a delightful sight to witness their excitement as they made their choices and interacted with the Upper Sixth prefects.

A huge thank you to our prefects for making the morning so special for the children, it was clear they had a fantastic time.