Date Posted... May 22nd 2023

Confidence Shines in BMXing

WAA is about building confidence and courage, and BMXing has been doing just that. This activity is new to WAA and has proven to be very popular with the Pupils, including those who are b both familiar with the sport and some who are just starting.

Despite some nerves initially, everyone’s shown such improvement from when they started. One pupil commented, “I was nervous about going BMXing as it was really out of my comfort zone, and the idea of riding over the bumps and large drops was terrifying. Mr Baker and Mrs Selvey were so supportive, and after some practice with Mr Baker, I gave the course a go and really enjoyed the rest of the session.”

It has been lovely to see the pupils’ confidence grow, as well the compassion they have shown for their peers to now being able to all ride courageously together.