Date Posted... Mar 26th 2024




Confidence and Courage for Year 6 Diplomas

At Truro School Prep, our Year 6 pupils undertake the Prep School Diploma which has been carefully constructed to provide them with a broad foundation of knowledge and key skills for life. The Diploma reflects achievement in six broad areas of learning and experience:

  • Core Academic Subjects (English, Maths, Science)
  • Humanities (Geography, History and Religious Education)
  • Performing Arts (Music and Drama)
  • Creative Arts (Design Technology and Art)
  • Sport and Outdoor Activity
  • Life-Skills (ICT, Foreign Languages, Cooking and First Aid

This term, to prepare for the Presentation element of their Diplomas, our Year 6 have been studying inspirational speakers and speeches from the likes of former President Barack Obama and Sir Winston Churchill. They have used this to compile shared top tips on composing and giving an impassioned speech of their own. This is a key skill that will take our pupils forward to secondary school and beyond.

Our pupils then researched a topic they feel passionate about and created speeches to deliver their findings. Along with some technical wizardry and impressive PowerPoint presentations, the speeches were presented to guest adjudicators Lois and Roger Bush. With topics ranging from 80s popstars Wham! to the benefits of swimming in MS and the possibilities of time travel, the Year 6s delivered an outstanding cornucopia of fascinating, enthralling and informative speeches.

Well done to all of our pupils who were articulate and confident and clearly demonstrated their passion for their chosen subject. Thanks to our adjudicators and Ms Cadwallader for their invaluable support and feedback.

You can read more about our Diploma programme via the link below.