Date Posted... Oct 8th 2021

Compassion at Harvest

Compassion sits at the heart of our school and our Methodist foundation. This is also a season where we think about those, in our country and throughout the world, who do not have such easy access to good quantities of nourishing food and it is a time we gather together to practically help those who need support in these areas.

Thank you to all the children and families who have provided food, drink, hygiene products and dog/cat food that we will be delivered to both the St Austell and Truro Food Banks.

In Senior Chapel Assembly this week we have welcomed our Charity Prefects, Katie and Lara, to talk about our Charity Day charities. The Charity Committee is a student-led committee who research different charities and vote on which ones the school will support each term. All We Can, a Methodist action group working with local communities across the globe and the St Austell Foodbank. We also heard from James Stephens from the St Austell Foodbank who shared real-life stories of how all the items go to help those in need.

In Prep Assemblies, we have been focusing on the blessings of the harvest. The Rev tested some of the children’s spelling skills during the assemblies and Year 6 found out that it wasn’t as easy as it first appeared when they had to present the words as a mirror image. The letters A, E, H, R, S, T, V were distributed and the children had to spell the following words as the text unfolded:

At this time, those of us fortunate enough to HAVE plenty of good things to EAT for our TEA and a warm place to HAVE a REST think of those who don’t and even those who STARVE. We bring food to SHARE with people nearby who don’t have enough to EAT for their TEA and can’t provide for their families. Giving warms the HEART and means that others get to SHARE this HARVEST time.