Coastal Treks for Ten Tors Training

Thirty-one pupils from the 3rd, 4th, 5th and Sixth Form took part in their first overnight Ten Tors training last weekend. This training hike is the first of five expeditions the teams will do in preparation for the big event in Dartmoor. Covering between 20 and 31 miles, the teams must be self-sufficient and carry all they need to complete their route and camp overnight safely.   

The mixed girls’ and boys’ teams walked the expedition’s first leg along the North Cornish coast between Portreath and Polly Joke, taking in some of Cornwall’s finest scenery and tackling some steep terrain. Conditions were good, with it being warmer than in previous years and the teams made a commendable time during the first leg. They pitched their tents overnight, and day two saw them walk the return leg from Polly Joke back to Truro.  

Mark Aston, Head of Outdoor Learning,  said, “It is only the start of the training season, and all teams performed well. In a few weeks, we will be planning for our expeditions on South Dartmoor”.

Ten Tors is an annual challenge for 14-19 year olds in the South West, where 400 teams of six take on hikes of up to 55 miles over a single weekend in May. It is a longstanding and much-loved fixture in the Truro School calendar and an area where many pupils thrive, developing their skills of teamwork, determination and courage.