Date Posted... Mar 31st 2023




Christian Lewis’ Long Walk… To Prep

Former Paratrooper Christian Lewis joined us at Prep today, taking a brief break from his epic walk around the UK coastline; a total journey of around 20,000 miles. Remarkably, this is only 5,000 miles less than it would be to walk around the world.

Chris is undertaking this challenge, which he started in 2017, to raise funds for SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity, having experienced first-hand how vital their support can be for those returning from conflict and their families.

In the year of compassion at Truro School, his story is particularly pertinent as he started his journey with no money and relies on his foraging skills and the goodwill of the British public to help him on each leg of the journey.

Joined by his partner Kate, dog Jet and baby Magnus, he thrilled the children with tales of his adventures, hardships and challenges. With around 450 miles left to reach home, Christian has raised over £300,000 for SSAFA and hopes to reach a total of £500,000 by the end of his trip.

The children asked plenty of astute and interesting questions to learn more about his life and journey. He left the children with a rousing message to dream big, follow their hearts and not be afraid to take a risk; if they work hard, and have faith in themselves and determination, they can achieve anything.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Christian, Kate, Magnus and Jet for sharing this incredible story with us. If you want to support this cause, you can donate at Christian Lewis is fundraising for SSAFA (

You can find out more about his journey here:

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