Date Posted... Nov 16th 2021




Chemistry Fun in Nursery

Nursery had a wonderful time learning all about ‘Hot and Cold’ science with some of the Senior School Chemistry teachers yesterday.

The session started off with Dr Brogden doing some exciting experiments, which captivated all the pupils, especially when they were allowed to make as much noise as possible to change the colour of the potion!

They were then given a range of different activities to have a go at, from saving bugs from the squelchy slime and hatching baby dinosaurs from frozen ice eggs, to using a special liquid and lit splint, with the help of the teachers, to make a squeaky pop.

The session finished with a special experiment, outside, where Dr Brogden Disappeared behind a big puff of smoke like a genie coming out of the lamp.

Nursery really enjoyed their session and even did some nursery ‘unicorn’ and ‘ketchup’ claps to say thank you.