Date Posted... Apr 25th 2024




Celebrating Neurodiversity

Prep pupils have been marking neurodiversity week and learning more about the meaning of this word.

National Neurodiversity Celebration Week takes place on the 18th-22nd March and with World Autism Acceptance Week falling on the 2-8th April (during the Easter break), we felt that the start of summer term would be a wonderful time to raise awareness of the diversity, strengths and differences within the world around us.

For the Prep pupils, the week started with an assembly led by SENDCO, Mrs Waddling-Height, who introduced the word neurodiversity to the pupils and used the analogy of a woodland to educate the students on this term. She explained to the children that:

“Thinking about the way that in a woodland the trees are similar and different can help us think about the ways that people can be similar and different from one another. Just like there is no “right” or “wrong” kind of tree, there’s no right or wrong kind of person. Everyone belongs as a part of their community, just like all the trees belong together in the woods; Some of the trees need different conditions to grow and thrive and fulfil their potential.”

During Year 2-6 tutor time this week, pupils were able to learn more about neurodiversity and appreciate that everyone thinks, learns and processes information differently.