Celebrating European Languages

Next week, the Modern Languages Department will be hosting a week-long celebration of language in honour of the European Day of Languages on September 26th. They aim to encourage students to appreciate language, explore the origins of words, and inspire them to explore different languages celebrated within the school community.

Various activities will be happening throughout the week, including a friendly (yet fiercely challenging!) language quiz, fun facts, and cultural activities. During form time, as well as optional lunchtime and after-school sessions, students can engage with new languages and expand their cultural knowledge.

Throughout this term, pupils are reminded of the lunchtime and after-school language clubs, which include International Theatre, German Linguistics Olympiad ( 1st-3rd Years), Cafe Bilingual , Italian Conversation Club and French Debating. Pupils are also reminded of the mindfulness club on Friday afternoons (week B). All pupils from across the school are warmly invited to participate in these activities and to try something new.

Truro School is fortunate to have a diverse and multilingual community, with native speakers from Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, France, Chile, Holland, Italy, China, Dubai, Lithuania and many more. Additionally, the Sixth Form Prefect boarding team have its own activities planned to celebrate Languages Day within the boarding community.

Head of MFL,  Miss Le Bihan, is very keen to hear from any bilingual pupils eager to share their language skills with others. [email protected]