Date Posted... Nov 14th 2023

Carn Brea Fieldtrip for our Geologists

Last week our 4th Year geologists were out on Carn Brea for their first field trip of the GCSE course. They have spent the first half term looking at how to identify different rock types and the processes that form them. This was a great opportunity for them to put that knowledge into practice as they examined the granite outcrops. They were also introduced to a number of field techniques, including rock descriptions and recording their observations on field sketches, both of which are assessed in the GCSE C2 practical exam.

Finally, the group used the vantage point to discuss the formation of the valuable mineral deposits by hydrothermal processes which have been extracted for centuries in the towns and villages surrounding Carn Brea.

Thanks to our Geology team for arranging this informative visit and some great weather for the trip.