Date Posted... May 21st 2024

Bronze D of E Training Walk for our 3rd Years

One hundred and twenty-five 3rd Year pupils embarked on their first Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) experience last weekend, equipped with compasses, maps and backpacks. The teams set off at staggered times over two days to navigate a 15km circular hike encompassing Porthtowan, Chapel Porth, and St Agnes Beacon. The journey included thrilling climbs, picturesque lunch stops, and passed one of Cornwall’s iconic engine houses.

Carrying all their personal belongings, tents, and supplies for the 24-hour event, this hike served as their first in-training expedition before their DofE bronze award walk in a few weeks. All teams successfully completed the hike, returning to the campsite in time to enjoy a stunning sunset and some impromptu camp entertainment. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated staff members who supported this event.