Date Posted... Aug 17th 2023

Bright Futures Beckon after A-Level Results

It was an emotional morning as our Upper Sixth gathered to collect their A-Level results with family and friends. Despite initial nerves, it was uplifting to see the breadth of opportunities that opened up alongside the results envelopes.

Our diverse cohort of students will now go on to an exciting range of pathways; from universities and further education to gap years and burgeoning careers in sports. We caught up with some of our students and their families to find out more about their bright futures and what their time at Truro School has given them.

We first chatted with a beaming Maya and Livvi.  Maya gained an A* in Psychology and an A in both Chemistry and Maths, giving her the grades she needs to go on to her planned route to begin her Integrated Masters Degree in Chemistry at York. Maya joined Truro School in the 1st Year and told us, “The support from the teachers has been amazing. Truro School is so good at preparing you for everything.”

Livvi had been nervous about her results but had done better than she’d expected and was delighted to be going to do a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.

Reuben, who also joined Truro School in the 1st Year was “really shocked” having been “very stressed” about his results. With two A*s and an A in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, he will now go on to his first choice to study Medicine at Keele University. “Truro School has been amazing for me. I definitely wouldn’t have got into Medicine without the school’s support, or the help from the Medical Pathway Programme here led by Mrs Havis.”

It was a time of reflection for some of our students, including those who have been at Truro School since Truro School Prep. Head Girl Soumya received a sparkling set of 4 A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology and is now heading to her first choice to study Chemistry at the University of Oxford.

“The teachers put in so much time to help us when we’re confused or struggling emotionally or academically. They make such an effort to go the extra mile. I gave them so much additional marking in extra essays and papers and they always supported me. Having been at Truro School since Prep, I will miss the community here. It is very close, but I hope to be back in the future to visit.”

Head Boy Oliver has also been at the school since Prep and told us, “Undoubtedly I will miss the community and my friends the most. These friendships will stay with me for a lifetime.”

Oliver, who achieved an A*, 2 As and a B in Music, German, Biology and Chemistry is now looking forward to his gap year and hopes to apply to study Musical Theatre. “Musically, the breadth and depth of genres, bands and ensembles that Truro School supports is outstanding. Being the Musical Director of Les Mis last year was life-changing for me; it paved a path that gave me access to professional-level experience. All of the extra activities Truro School offers, it’s just brilliant and I will treasure so much about my time here.”

Other students also opting for a gap year include Hector, Tegan and Sam. Hector, who achieved an A* in Art and 2 Cs in Maths and Physics is now set to embark on a year of paddle board racing around the world, an experience that will take him to France, Portugal and Thailand. He will then go on to study Product Design at Falmouth University upon his return.

Tegan, who is currently a Team England Surfing U18 squad member, is travelling for a year to far-flung surf spots including Hawaii, Indonesia and Sri Lanka for her year out. Having achieved an A* and 2 As in Geology, Maths and Physics, she will return to study Geology at Bristol University in September 2024. “Truro School has been really good at supporting me while I’ve been travelling for surf competitions. I’ve missed a lot of school but have managed to stay on top of my studies. The community and support I’ve had here have also prepared me for solo travelling.”

Sam, who has already achieved success as a member of the GB Sailing Team, is heading off to Belgium to a Youth Sailing Camp. We look forward to sharing his future achievements with you.

There were smiles from parents too as they shared in their children’s successes today. Dr Beth McCarron reflected on her son Joe’s results (an A* and 2As in Geology, Geography and Business), “Today isn’t just about amazing results. Truro School provides a family, strong values, friendship and support. The teachers have gone above and beyond to help these students achieve, but it’s about ethos too and the values and life-long friends they develop here. Truro School changes young people into adults.”

These feelings were echoed by Alicia’s father, Simon Bray. Alicia, who joined Truro School for Sixth Form will now go on to her first choice of studying Biomedical Sciences with a Year in Industry at Royal Holloway University. Mr Bray told us, “While Truro School helped Alicia to bridge a gap in her academic studies, the school has developed her potential more fully and helped her to flourish as an individual.

Truro School isn’t singularly focused on the academic but looks at the development of each individual as a whole person. The School Diploma is brilliant. That it can sit alongside other interests like the Duke of Edinburgh Award is fantastic.

Truro School is creating valuable members of society. Companies are looking for more than just qualifications in their interviews. They want drive and ambition and a well-rounded team player. That is what this school gives to pupils here.

When you pay for a service, you expect something in return. When you pay school fees, you’re guaranteed an education, but what you aren’t guaranteed is enthusiasm and engagement. But this school delivers that for every student under its care.”

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our students today; they are a truly remarkable cohort with so many talents and skills in the academic arena but also in a phenomenal number of additional fields. We are both proud and excited to see how they flourish in their futures.

Head of Truro School, Andy Johnson summarises today, “As proud as we are of the qualifications that the students at Truro School achieve, what we as a School are really celebrating today is the choices that they now have, and the values and character they have developed that will enable them to make the most of the opportunities ahead of them. The ability to succeed beyond School is about so much more than their studies alone and we are proud of the role that Truro School has played in providing a breadth of personal development as well as the depth of academic learning that will embolden these fantastic young people towards ongoing success. Our ambition and ethos here is to support students to do so much more than just fulfil their academic potential but to be ready and eager to go on and make meaningful contributions as citizens of a wider society too. We are immensely proud of all of our students and wish them every success.”