Date Posted... Jan 25th 2024





Brain, Book, Buddy, Boss

In Pre-Prep assembly, Mr Morse took the opportunity to talk to the pupils about the concept of metacognition. The focus of the assembly was to encourage the pupils to think independently before seeking assistance.

Although this may initially sound complicated, Mr Morse used the “Brain, Book, Buddy, Boss” analogy to guide pupils on the steps they should take when faced with a challenge.

Brain: when stuck, pupils should first stop and think about what knowledge they already have that they could use to solve the problem.

Book: they can then think about where else to look; a book perhaps, or display resources in the classroom.

Buddy: they can also ask a friend to see if they have any tips or if they could work better to solve the problem together.

Finally, when asking the Boss (parent or teacher) for help, the pupil should try to explain the steps they have already taken to solve their question independently.

This engaging approach helped the pupils understand the importance of self-reflection and problem-solving and how, with inner confidence and time to think, many problems aren’t as tricky as they initially seem.

Mr Morse will be doing more work on metacognition throughout the term and we look forward to sharing more on this soon.