Date Posted... Apr 1st 2021




Boys’ Boarding Blog

The last week before Easter break has been a fun one in Trennick. We have had lists of time in the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre playing football, basketball and table tennis with all the boys mixing well. Pietro, Cam H, Solomon, George and Mr Hatfield played a fun variation of football with Cam winning in the end.

The weekend started as always with brunch on Saturday followed by a short walk up to the Truro School Cookery School for some Easter treats cooking. The boys split into small groups of four and were tasked to make Cornish Pasties, chocolate rocky roads and sticky rice crispie cakes.

Lorenzo’s pasty definitely looked the best but he has an advantage being a cookery school student. Chun, Frank, David and Cam worked very well together and their pasties all looked great too.

The sweet treats lasted all weekend and were shared around the house.

On Sunday the girl boarders kindly hid 80 chocolate Easter eggs around the school site for the boys to hunt. Henry M was very meticulous in his hunting and found plenty of treats. Although I’m sure there are a few eggs still out there to be found.

Our younger boys Chun, Harrison, David and Frank then returned the favour and hid some chocolate eggs for the girls.

Only a few days left of school before Easter holiday so we will be tidying rooms and saying our goodbyes. When we return we look forward to much more freedom on the weekends from our current Covid restrictions.

Have a great Easter everyone.

Tom Hatfield, Trennick Resident Tutor