Date Posted... Mar 22nd 2021

Boys’ Boarding Blog

The boarders have had another good week despite the limitations of the current restrictions; it has been good to see so many of the Trennick boarders engage fully with the many extra-curricular clubs and activities. Basketball, football, drama and the gym remain very popular, and some of the boys have taken up volleyball, wargaming and table-tennis.

The 5th Years and Upper Sixth have assessments on the horizon so Mr Pilborough, Head of Modern Languages, spoke with the boys on Thursday evening about developing effective studying habits. Many of them are now choosing to study in the library during the evening and weekends. This is a great environment to study in and right on the doorstep of Trennick. Trennick boarders have used the library extensively in the past so I was very happy to make this space available again for this term and next.

At the weekend we enjoyed the first BBQ of the year. Even thought the evening was chilly, it was dry and not windy. The boarders came out into the quad outside the house, and enjoyed an hour or so relaxing and socialising with each other in the fresh air. I am very much looking forward to restrictions being eased in time for the summer term so that we can invite the girl boarders from Malvern to our evening BBQs.

On Sunday afternoon, the weather remained dry, so we headed outside onto the terraced garden in front of Trennick, and had great fun playing the game of smite. Smite involves throwing a piece of wood at numbered skittles and trying to reach an exact score of 50. The boys’ competitive spirits were quickly revealed, and they all soon joined in with the spirit of the tournament. There was much discussion about whether the game involved mainly lucky bounces or if there was indeed high levels of skill required. Henry turned out to be the House Smite Champion!

The boarders have been truly amazing in the two weeks that school has re-opened. Their resilience and adaptability has been inspiring, and I continue to be impressed by the friendly and jovial support that they offer each other. Not a single boy has grumbled about Government lockdown restrictions, and they have all remained very positive despite limited opportunities to socialise in Truro and in boarding with their friends from other households. Some of the boys are still studying remotely at home due to the travel restrictions, and they too continue to stay positive despite the challenges of online learning. They are all missed greatly! I hope that restrictions will gradually be eased over the next few months so that we can all enjoy the summer term.