Date Posted... Apr 25th 2023

Beach Cleaners find Lego

A big thank you to all our keen beachgoers who turned up at Watergate Bay on Sunday morning for a beach clean organised by the FTS in collaboration with Beach Guardians. Our Year 6 prep pupils briefed the group about the types of waste and plastics that wash up on our beaches.

As the team worked their way along the beach, the sun came out and eventually collected two large buckets of waste that would have otherwise ended up back in the ocean. Exciting finds included a water bottle from Italy, a lobster pot hook, mermaids purses belonging to a small spotted catshark and a spotted ray, moon snail egg cases and a very exciting Lego flipper which was washed up from the sea bed after it sank in a shipping container in 1985.

It was lovely to spend an hour on the beach with Emily and Rob from Beach Guardians, who were enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides on everything about the beach and ocean. A big thank you to all our families who came along and joined in the event and to FTS for their hard work in organising these events for us. Aaron from 6JL said, “ I came with my Family today as I wanted to help with the environment.”

Beach Guardian CIC run regular events along the North Coast of Cornwall, with more information online.