Date Posted... Dec 15th 2021

Boarders’ Blog

It’s been another busy half term for the boarders. Although shorter, with only five and a half weeks, and despite Covid rearing its ugly head once again, we were determined to cram as much in as possible.

Highlights this half term include, an afternoon pot painting at Cornwall gold, a swimming session with flumes and a wave machine at Ships and Castles, paintballing at Big Dunks and of course the inaugural, ice skating at the Eden Project and the Christmas service and feast on the penultimate weekend. Our evening socials have seen a Friday evening football league begin, board game extravaganzas across the houses and the odd pool table tournament and film night.

Amongst the play there has been much academia too; the evening prep sessions in the library have been used well and the 5th year boarders have put in an extra stint in preparation for the mocks; Mr Copeland and I have been impressed with their attitude to study and how they have coped with these, their first experience of, ‘proper’ exams. For our senior students, UCAS applications have been a big focus this term with personal statements, university open days and even some interviews being attended.

Ever busy on the extracurricular front too, the boarders have immersed themselves in all that the school has to offer outside of the classroom. Our fencers, Amy, Niki, Paul and Amari have enjoyed competing internationally whilst our choristers have remained busy with BBC broadcasting to juggle as well as their usual jam-packed Christmas schedule. Sport has featured highly with many of the boarders taking the opportunity to develop their skills and some representing the school. Music, drama and art clubs have all been well attended too. For Cam M, Diana, Caroline and Cam H, school play rehearsals notched up a gear following the half term break. Bodica was sensational and it was great to see these four exceling at centre stage!

Sadly, we say goodbye to four of our community at the end of this term. Carla, Lina, Florian and Sam return to their schools in Germany in January and we wish them all the best; it has been a privilege to get to know them and we hope they keep in touch.

In the meantime, from Malvern, Trennick and Pentreve, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!