Date Posted... Jun 20th 2023

Beautiful Brittany for 2nd and 3rd Years

Two groups of 2nd and 3rd Year pupils have been enjoying an action-packed 4-day trip to the picturesque towns of Châteaulin, Locroana and Concarneau. Departing over two consecutive weekends, all pupils were encouraged to stretch their language skills and, in small groups, took part in a treasure hunt around the beautiful town of Locronan. They also visited a local spice market where they talked to stallholders and purchased items of interest.

During their visit, pupils undertook several independent research tasks and talked to local people to learn about historic buildings and local customs. They also enjoyed ordering a crêpe in the famous ‘Les Remparts Crêperie’. Pupils gleaned interesting information, such as the most popular variety of ice cream sold in one town and the total quantity of Nutella consumed daily at the local crêperie.

Staff congratulated pupils on their exemplary behaviour and positive and engaging attitude towards their French studies. The second cohort of pupils will depart on Friday for their trip to Brittany. Thank you to Miss Mangin for arranging a fabulous trip and to all the staff who accompanied the pupils and helped to make it a joyful and memorable experience.

Group 1

Group 2