Date Posted... Mar 24th 2021




Anela Kukuljac Valjevac CO04

What a Difference a Year Makes

Anela Kukuljac Valjevac CO04 attended Truro School Sixth Form for the 2002-03 academic year on a full scholarship from HMC. Anela describes her time at Truro School as “transformative.” As a boarder, far from her own country and family, she felt she gained maturity and independence, whilst studying in and environment which was quite different and competitive in a positive way. She remarked “although it was just one year, in many ways it was an experience that made a long-lasting impact on my future education and life in general.” The School’s motto “Esse Quam Videri” resonated with Anela and has stayed with her.

“You could say that I will forever remain an ‘ambassador’ of Truro School, Truro and wonderful Cornwall. You cannot buy Cornish pasties and scones in this part of the world so over the years I have tried to perfect my recipes.”



Anela has ‘wonderful’ memories of her time at the school, including extra-curricular activities such as a trip to Berlin with her German class and Ms Ward, the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and free weekends when she stayed with headmaster, Mr Paul Smith, and family. “These experiences helped me get the best of my year in Truro and connect with not only the school, but also the local community.”

Whilst at school she was especially interested in macroeconomics and dreamed of having a career in diplomacy, so values the memories of the Business and Economics teachers; Mr Cornish (TS 1989-2012) and Mr Worthington (TS 1987-2011).

After leaving Truro School Anela returned to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to begin Business Studies and later a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Cotrugli Business School in Zagreb, Croatia.

Anela considers herself extremely fortunate to have received two scholarships; one to allow her to study at Truro School and later, another for her MBA studies. These helped her ‘tremendously’ with her education and subsequent career path.


When asked if Anela has any advice about career choices she remarked:

“Work hard and harder than anyone else, put in the extra work and hours. Eventually, it will pay off. It is my belief that almost any adversity can be compensated for with hard work. “


Anela’s most cherished memories are those of her fellow boarders in Malvern House, who she remains in contact with. “Although we live across the globe; UK, Germany, Hong Kong and me in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I know we will remain friends for life.” Some of her friends have travelled to visited her in Sarajevo. In 2016, Anela and her German roommate from Malvern House, Pia Schamoni CO05, embarked on a road trip across the UK visiting friends from school, ending the tour with a visit to Truro School. “There has been so much positive change. It was wonderful to see that the school really had modernised in so many ways.”

Anela started working at 18 and has spent most of her career in Human Resource Management, including nine years as an Executive HR Director for a pharmaceutical company. Just a few months ago she started her own business as an HR Consultant/Trainer. She hopes that by applying her ‘work hard and smart’ ethos she will be able to develop and grow her business.

Anela lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with her husband and their two children; Lana aged six years and Mak aged one and a half years. In her free time, she enjoys running. Having already completed a half marathon her aspiration is to run the London Marathon one day – we have no doubt Anela will reach her future life goals, both personal and career, and look forward to future updates.

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