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Amie Cadwell (née Tall) CO10

Like father, like daughter. 

Amie Cadwell (née Tall) CO10is daughter of, ever popular, Old Truronian staff member Tim Tall (TS 1980-2014) formerly Head of Design and Technology, and the equally well-loved Glenys TallMalvern House Boarding House Mistress and Truro School Prep School Nursewho sadly passed away in 2019.   

Amie and her brother Edward CO12 both attended Truro School Prep (formerly known as Treliske) before moving up to Truro School Senior.  

“I remember being very happy to be there every day!” 

At school Amie fondly remembers her design and technology lessons with Mr Flowers (TS 2005-18) and Mr Warren CO82 (TS 2000-2019), PE with Mrs Newton (TS Assistant Director of Sport) and Miss Cobner (TS Biology teacher and Head of Academic PE) as well as her science lessons with Dr Blake (TS 1987- 2009) and Mr Baines (TS 1976- 2013).  

Amie discovered her passion for hockey whilst at Truro School and played for the school team. Today Amie continues her passion, playing for Penzance Hockey Club in her spare time. 

Amie is still in touch with many of her classmates including Sophie Smart (née Stanton) who recently moved back from London and Ashlee Wilkes (nee Chase) as well as two of her closest friends Melody Huckle and Catherine Self all CO10.  

“My closest friendships stem from our time together at Truro School – 17 years now and we know we still have many more years of laughter and times to share ahead.” 

For a considerable time, Amie’s ambition was to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a teacher. However, in the end she chose to follow a slightly different path, choosing to aim for primary age teaching. Amie decided to study Primary Education at Bangor University, North Wales when she left Truro School. 

“I didn’t really ever consider a different career.  I did think about secondary teaching like my father for a time but found the prospect of teaching students almost my own age rather strange so opted for the primary education route instead!”  

 She now lives in Redruth with husband Karl, who she married in the School Chapel on Saturday 28 August 2015, the service was performed by Rev. Aubin de Gruchy. The wedding ceremony was a small family service followed by a party at Truro Rugby Club, where Karl used to play as a junior. The couple have two dogs, Poppy and Millie, and a cat called Polly.  

Amie currently works in a nursery in Baldhu, near Truro. She teaches two-year-olds, alongside an ‘amazing team’. Amie explained, the nursery was locked down for three months due to COVID but has now reopened and they are able to run pretty much as normal, aside from slightly shortened open hours to allow for extra cleaning to take place.  

“My role entails planning for the individual needs of the two-year-olds, ensuring they are progressing, doing lots of messy activities which I love! Making sure my team are fulfilling their roles and the paperwork is all up to date. But mainly, I play games with the children, read stories, sing, paint, stick, draw, go outside on the bikes, build sandcastles and build houses.”  

Amie is also a nanny for two boys alongside working for the nursery, she explains: “the nannying job got offered to me after we reopened. The older boy who is now at school attended the nursery when he was younger and the younger one is still here. Their mother was offered a job in London with the NHS and King’s College so for it to work they needed a nanny ideally. I snapped it right up and I absolutely love working in their family home, caring for the boys, doing some jobs around the house and taking them out on adventures in the holidays. 

Amie feels her time at Truro School taught her to seize every opportunity. 

“I try to live by the rule that if I put my heart and mind to it, I can do it!” 

In 2016 Amie left the nursery for a year to be a teaching assistant in a local primary school, where she loved working on a one-to-one basis with the pupils. This experience taught her a lot, but she missed the children and her job at the nursery so decided to go back. In the future Amie wants to continue to progress and move to a higher role with even more responsibility. 

“For anyone considering a role in teaching I would say go for it! If you love children and enjoy spending time with them, then it’s the perfect career. There is paperwork involved, training and meetings, but primarily you get to sit with the children, talk to them, join their little world and engage with them.” 

Amie on her wedding day with her brother Ed CO12, and parents Tim and Glenys Tall

Amie's dogs Polly and Millie

Amie catching up with her Truro School friends - Catherine Self CO10 and Sophie Smart (née Stanton)

Amie (goalkeeper) with the year 5/6 Truro Prep Hockey Team

Amie (goalkeeper) with the Penzance Hockey Team

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