Date Posted... Jun 22nd 2023



Sixth Form

AI Lecture for Sixth Form

Lower Sixth Formers gathered this lunchtime for a lecture on Artificial Intelligence. Heads of Departments from RS, Economics and Psychology shared their thoughts, all looking at the possible opportunities AI presents in their particular area of interest and considering the potential consequences that might arise from AI’s rapid progress.

Students agreed it was fascinating to see things from three different perspectives. Afterwards, there were animated discussions about the possible opportunities it could provide for online mental health services, provided strict privacy controls were in place. One particular group of students have gone away wanting to know more about the possible efficiencies saved by AI and whether this could make us more prosperous as a nation or create more economic pressures due to a loss of jobs. Other students left wanting to familiarise themselves with the ‘Chinese room argument’ and the work of  American Philosopher John Searle.

All three teachers stated they were no experts in this area and encouraged students towards further independent learning and research.