Date Posted... Jun 10th 2022




Adventures in Abundance on the Year 6 Trip

An excited gaggle of Year 6 children and staff set sail this week for their residential trip to the Isle of Wight.

The trip began with a tour of HMS Victory and a ferry ride to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth. After a long and busy day, the children were very happy to settle into their camp, Little Canada, and had a feast for supper of chicken, sausages, bolognese and doughnuts. As they gathered around the campfire, there were tired but happy faces all around.

With a hearty breakfast on board, the children got stuck into some brilliant camp activities before visiting Osborne House. Here, the children were put through their paces as Victorian household staff by a very strict housekeeper, Mrs Smith. They learnt how to make a bed, lay a table, polish silver and improve their table manners. Not many passed the test for having clean enough fingernails, however!

On Wednesday, staff woke to a dawn chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ for Mr Goddard, who then had his face “expertly” painted. The children spent the day on-site facing plenty of exciting physical and mental challenges. It was wonderful to see everyone gain confidence and have fun as the day progressed.

The children enjoyed a day of activities and a visit to the Needles on Thursday. On Friday, they were fortunate enough to go dragon boating before heading home.

With thanks to all of the staff, pupils and helpers who have made this trip such a joyful one.