Date Posted... Dec 16th 2021




Adam Proctor CO97


Adam Proctor recently moved back to the UK from Singapore where he worked for three and a half years as head of Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand for Citi Private Bank. A change of heart and a desire to have an improved work-life balance helped Adam to make a career change from the all-consuming banking business. Prior to moving to Asia Adam worked in senior roles within banking for more than 20 years in London and Bristol. Aged 33 he was made Managing Director at Citigroup and went on to win numerous industry awards.

“The highlight for me though was turning around Citi’s Private Bank business which I ran for Singapore, Australia and New Zealand and turning a demotivated team around to being one of the top teams globally. I was also fortunate to sit on the bank’s executive committee in Singapore overseeing 8,000 staff and I was very proud of how the decisions I made helped many of our staff during the peak of Covid-19 in 2020.”

Adam now works in two financial roles: firstly, for a UK multi-billionaire technology entrepreneur, assisting with wealth management and identifying opportunities for investment across areas such as technology, climate change, real estate, and the crypto sectors; secondly, he is Chief Financial Officer and a non-executive director for an early-stage vertical farming company called Vertical Futures. This role involves working alongside the CEO to drive business forward in what he describes as an “exciting, fast-growing sector.”

Adam attended Truro School between 1990-1997 alongside his brother, Ben Proctor CO00. “I have so many happy memories: from great times playing sports overlooking the lovely views from the playing pitches; very fun and amusing lessons with Dr Blake (TS 1987-2009); fun field trips to Wales; to Duke of Edinburgh expeditions to Dartmoor and the Lake District – too many to mention. I absolutely loved my time at School. Probably the social and sport aspect rather than studies – I wasn’t overly studious as I am sure my teachers will confirm!”

Growing up, Adam’s first ambitions were to become a doctor, in his father’s footsteps – “my fear of blood closed that door very quickly.” Immediately after leaving school, Adam went to Bristol University to study geology after enjoying the subject at school, but in his final year he decided to pursue banking at the advice and support of friends at the time.

“Whatever you do make sure you enjoy it. I have had banking roles in the past which I did not enjoy. If you do not enjoy a role you are very unlikely to be successful. Do a job which you are passionate about – I have ensured all my roles over the past few years meet this key criteria for me.”
Adam’s new roles in wealth management and with Vertical Futures are testimony to him taking his own advice, and doing what he enjoys best, even if it means making a change.

With a new work-life balance, Adam now lives in Bath to be close to London but also close enough to visit Cornwall for the weekend. His family own a holiday home in Flushing which they visit regularly, and his parents, brother and sister all still live in Cornwall. Adam told us he lived in the county for four years before moving to Singapore and would commute weekly to London for work. Both his daughters, Imogen and Beth, attended Truro School Prep at the time which he remembers allowed the opportunity to visit the senior school when he collected their uniforms. We asked Adam if he felt that his time at school helped him to progress in later life to which he said “absolutely 100%. It gave me the confidence and rounded education to help me succeed.”

Adam is married to Lorna, who is a physiotherapist, after meeting on a chance meeting on a boys’ ski trip. Together they spend their free time entertaining the children but Adam also enjoys skiing, cycling, tennis, golf and travelling when they can.

For now, though, he plans to keep working in areas he enjoys and feels he can make a difference. Importantly, he wants to keep the right work-life balance to ensure he can be there for his children as they grow up.