Date Posted... Apr 30th 2021



Sixth Form

ACHE Ambassadors complete training

Lower Sixth students held a banquet last night to celebrate completing 16 weeks of ACHE training (Advice, Care, Help and Empathy). This year 40 students finished the training to become peer mentors.

The programme sees Sixth Form students develop the skills and experience needed to listen to others and to offer compassion in times of need. When this year’s cohort move into the Upper Sixth, they will be running the drop-in sessions, working with the younger members of our school community.

Four girls, Grace, Lara, Amba, and Scarlett took it upon themselves to organise the entire dinner for their peers.

Mr Sanderson was invited by the Rev to give an after-dinner speech, leaving the students to reflect on the importance of ACHE and how it can shape them as they move through life.

“Through your ACHE course, you have learnt how to give advice care, help and empathise. These are fantastic qualities. I know that if you carry these qualities with you throughout your life, you will be successful. It may not be in terms of riches or fame but it will be as a friend, colleague, partner and a person. You will naturally be seen as a leader. As someone to unite and bring others together, in a positive environment. You will be trusted and allow others to feel secure, supported and valued. If you continue with your ACHE learning and always strive to be ‘Esse Quam Videri’, I promise you this; you will be a happy, respected and important member of any team, whether you are leading it or contributing to it.”

Closing the evening, the students came to the front to collect their certificates and badges. There was no handshaking this year due to Covid restrictions.