Date Posted... Nov 9th 2023

A Visit from ShelterBox

Year 4 had a visit from ShelterBox and learnt about the important work that this Cornish-born charity does to provide emergency shelter across the planet.

Now in it’s 23 year, ShelterBox has given disaster relief in 98 different countries, supporting 2.5 million people to get back on their feet after hurricanes, earthquakes, conflicts, droughts, cyclones and more. With 100 million people currently living without shelter, the work they do is vital.

The visit included reflections on what shelter means to people; security, privacy, dignity, comfort, and an opportunity for families to spend time together. By providing shelter, the charity aims to help people who have lost everything rebuild their lives.

Pupils were able to explore the practical support that ShelterBox gives; the charity has long been associated with the iconic green boxes, and now provides practical, targeted support for people in need including tents, repair kits, solar lights and water purification systems.

We would like to thank ShelterBox for their insightful and inspiring talk. To donate to the charity, please visit Donate – ShelterBox.