Date Posted... Dec 6th 2023

A Twinkly Nativity

In the heartwarming spirit of the festive season, our Early Years’ pupils put on a fabulous performance of ‘A Twinkly Nativity.’

We were delighted to welcome family and friends to enjoy this special occasion, and our Boy Choristers greeted guests with a beautiful concert before the show.

Infused with the timeless tale of the Nativity and adorned with an extra touch of sparkle and shine, this wonderful play had the audience laughing, clapping, and singing along. The children flawlessly recalled countless lines, choreography, and a medley of songs that they had been rehearsing throughout the half-term — and their performances demonstrated just how hard they had worked.

A huge thank you to all the staff who made this show one to remember, and a massive well-done to all our performers who poured their hearts into the twinkly production.