Date Posted... Apr 6th 2022





A Rewarding Week at Pre-Prep

While all of our pupils at Truro School work hard and try their best every day, we like to celebrate those who go above and beyond whenever we can.

Our new rewards system has been in place this Academic Year and has been welcomed by both the staff and children at Pre Prep.
With the help of Buzz the Bee, Daphne the Dolphin, Hazel the Squirrel, Charlie the Chough and Neil the Seal, children are celebrated for displaying signs of our School Values; the 5 C’s: curiosity, confidence, compassion, creativity and courage.

Children work together as a team to win rewards for everyone; this term’s favourite choice by far is an Easter Egg Hunt. By working together, pupils learn that good choices benefit the whole, not just the individual.

Pupils are also recognised as individuals; for displaying perseverance, determination, resilience, kindness and other valuable characteristics during their day to day activities. Along with a sparkly certificate, the children are celebrated on our WOW board and invited for hot chocolate (with all the trimmings) with Miss Patterson and Ms Williams.