Date Posted... Sep 4th 2020



Sixth Form

A marathon of a fundraiser

During lockdown and throughout the summer holidays, it’s fair to say many made the most of the Cornish coast and countryside, filled with hundreds of scenic walks.

Two students did exactly this, but decided to raise money while doing so. Gracie and Sophie in the Upper Sixth spent a day walking quite literally a marathon, The Saint’s Way stretching from Padstow to Fowey, roughly 26.6 miles- the official marathon length, to fundraise for Cancer Research UK.

Gracie explained: “We chose to raise money for Cancer Research UK because we saw the huge impact COVID-19 is having on cancer patients. They are more at risk of contracting COVID-19, and all possible treatment has been stopped for them. We have seen the effects that cancer has on both patients and loved ones, and wanted to help in any way we could. Cancer Research is at the forefront of change for cancer patients.”

On a hot August day, the girls strapped up their walking boots and covered the entire route in 24-degree heat in 12 hours, without taking a break for nine of them.

After completing the trek, the girls described feeling ‘a mixture of emotions’.

Gracie commented: “When we saw that we had hit the 26.2-mile mark, it was very overwhelming as we had been walking for 12 hours, and the planning and practise prior to the walk had become a huge part of both our lockdowns and our lives.”

Initially aiming to raise £250, and worrying they had set the bar too high, the students surpassed their target to raise £695 (with £97.50 gift aid) after a month of them, their families and friends sharing their fundraising page around.

If you’d like to donate, you can visit their Just Giving page.