Date Posted... Jan 10th 2023

A-Level Taster Days

It is an exciting couple of days for 5th Years and prospective Sixth Form students exploring their future A-Level choices. The two-day A-Level taster event being held throughout the school is designed to put 5th Years in the driving seat of their future careers.

A-Levels are big decisions which simultaneously open up incredible career opportunities and potentially cut down others. Some pupils will relish this process, but it can be daunting for others who don’t have such clear pathways in mind. All pupils have been encouraged to have an open-minded approach to the next couple of days, which includes a jam-packed timetable of subject taster sessions and a vast range of additional qualifications and supra-curricular activities for students to explore alongside their A-Levels.

It is also the time for pupils to learn more about subjects they might not have studied at GCSE, such as Economics and Business Studies.

During the briefing session, Head of Sixth Form, Ross Williamson explained that this is a fork-in-the-road moment for our current 5th Year. It is important pupils pick subjects they enjoy. He explained that A-levels are a big step change after GCSE’s and sometimes they get very difficult, so students need to have a genuine interest in their chosen subjects to help them through the challenging times.

We have a whole team of people here to get our pupils thinking, talking and helping them decide on their next steps. We also offer an extensive programme of additional qualifications and life skills taken alongside A-levels as part of our Diploma Aspire to help our students stand out from the crowd.

Students are also reminded about Truro School Connected, an active network of past pupils and professionals who are happy to assist pupils with career advice in the future.