Date Posted... Jan 4th 2024





A Busy Start to Term at Prep

Despite the rain, there were bright and sunny smiles as pupils returned to Truro School Prep today.

At lunchtime there was wet play due to the weather, so the pupils were busy reading, playing board games and using the school computers indoors.

Undettered by the rain, Pre-Prep made the most of the puddles and mud in Forest School, while Year 1 began their new topic, ‘Animals Around the World’, creating beautiful tissue paper trees and animals from across the planet.

In the Prep, Year 5 and 6 were enjoying their Afternoon Activities. Some of Year 6 were working on their First Aid skills with Mrs Cameron as a part of their John Muir Awards, learning how to use epi pens to help in an allergic reaction.

Finally, members of Year 5 were showing off some brilliant badminton skills in their  Sport Leadership activities.

It was wonderful to see staff and pupils return to the site and we would like to wish everyone a happy start to the New Year.