Date Posted... Oct 14th 2022




A Busy End to the Week at Prep

It was a busy end to a busy week at Truro School Prep today. Some Year 5s were grappling with tricky homophones in spelling practise first thing, while Year 3s were looking at different strategies to help them with subtraction.

The Year 6s were racing across the School grounds to find control points in orienteering practise with Mr Lord. A part of their Diploma, these map reading skills will be put to the test later in the year in a ‘real-life’ orienteering mission.

In DT, the children practiced their sanding, sawing and drilling skills as they continued making their boats. Once finished, the boats will be raced in the swimming pool to see how well these carefully designed crafts will fare.

Some other Year 6s were busy writing up an exciting experiment using sodium hydrogen carbonate and ethanoic acid (or sodium bicarb and vinegar!) to create carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. They found that combining the two ingredients creates carbon dioxide. When collected, the CO2 is heavier than air and so can be ‘poured’ over a candle, extinguishing the flame.

And finally, in humanities, Year 4s were busy researching recent earthquakes, finding them on Google Earth and then plotting them on to a map. It allowed them to see the correlation between proximity to the tectonic plate boundaries and the likelihood of an earthquake occurring.

With thanks to all of our pupils and to our teachers who make learning so inspiring every day at Truro School Prep.