Date Posted... Apr 28th 2023

2nd Year Science Fair Final

Our 2nd Year scientists have been exhibiting their projects for this year’s science fair final. Following earlier rounds, the finalists had to prepare to answer questions from leading industry professionals Fritha Durham, from Spaceport Cornwall, Lucy Cotton, CO09 and lead geologist on geothermal projects for Geoscience, Gill Doble who is an ex-Head of Social Sciences, and Sophie Whistler who is completing an engineering PhD in the field of renewable energy at the University of Exeter.

Pupils were quizzed about why they chose their topic, how they devised their experiment (and controlled variables), what they found out, the limitations of their investigations and what future work could be done.

The students involved and their projects are:

Sarang  – Can you deduce whether a subject is lying using a homemade lie detector?
Christian and Alex – Which boat bow is most efficient?~
Jack – Which surfboard wax makes the best ‘stiction’?
Lottie and Susanna – Do Mentos work on different fizzy drinks?
Wendy and Conney – How do different liquids change volume when melted?
Sheba – Does the surface area of a pan base affect how long it takes for water to boil?
Joseph – Does the fat content of food affect its taste?
Matt and Jack – What gas boils water most efficiently?
Jamie and James – What is an optimal angle for a potato launcher?
Iris – Does highly processed food go mouldy in the same way as unprocessed food?
Olliver – Which paper plane flies best and why?
Barnaby and Harrison – Does coke work better with mint or fruit mentos?

Congratulations to all the pupils for making it this far and showcasing their excellent work, and thank you to our judges and teaching staff for organising the event. The winners will be announced at the next Head of Year Assembly.