Date Posted... Nov 24th 2021

2nd Year Rewilding Talk

Our 2nd Year pupils enjoyed inspiring talks all about Rewilding today, learning how they can do their part to combat climate change.

The talk began with Malachy Dunne, founder of mYcard. mYcard is a new contact sharing app that replaces throwaway business cards with meaningful connections. Personal and corporate subscriptions fund the rewilding of natural spaces and provide people with enabling experiences and CSR opportunities. They avoid using trees as currently 40,000 acres worth of trees are being used to make business cards.

Our next speaker was Rai Lewis, Co-Founder and Director of Plant One Cornwall, a company set on planting more trees in Cornwall by teaming up with businesses and local farmers to make a change. Rai spoke about how our pupils can get involved by coming along to one of their ‘plant your own trees’ days. Pupils were able to engage and ask (and answer) lots of questions, including why Cornwall had such a limited number of trees and what we can do to help grow more trees.

Finally, we tuned in to Zoom for a talk from Kenyan charity LEAF. Old Truronian Dr Harry Williams CO10 is Chair of LEAF as well as being a toxicologist & conservationist.

We listened to LEAF botanist Caroline. She spoke about the LEAF vision, which is working with communities worldwide to protect habitats and promote reforestation. LEAF focuses on rebuilding highly threatened habitats in biodiversity hotspots worldwide with a critical focus on rare tree species such as Mangroves.

Thank you to all of our speakers for sharing your expertise and sharing how we can help change our planet for the better.