Date Posted... Oct 26th 2022



Senior School

Rhodies Work Ahead!

Our gardening team, led by Head Gardener Tom, are hard at work this Half Term as they tackle the overgrown rhododendron and laurel bushes on the front terraces of Truro School.

Tom tells us, “the shrubs were originally planted by Truro School Prep gardener Colin Dower well over 30 years ago. Colin’s successor allowed the shrubs to grow and they began to dominate the terraces as they were left unchecked.

Rhododendron and laurels aren’t great for wildlife and biodiversity when left to grow huge as they obstruct a great deal of sunlight and don’t allow anything to grow under them. They have overtaken the lawn and are obstructing other plants from growing here. By removing them at this time of year, we limit any further damage to wildlife as animals aren’t currently nesting here.

As we begin the long process of removing them, we have been amazed to uncover some long-forgotten terraces.

Our next step will be to plant some yew hedging along the top of the terraces in December. Our longer-term plan will ideally involve reclaiming these terraces and creating a useful space for our students. It would be amazing to create some terraced lawn seating to allow for more outdoor learning or performances on this lawn in years to come.”

Within a few hours of work beginning, it has been impressive to see the light pouring into this previously dark and overgrown section of our beautiful grounds. We look forward to seeing how this work progresses over the coming months.

With thanks to Tom and his brilliant team for all of their hard work and care for our grounds and our natural environment.