Date Posted... Jun 29th 2023

Rocking the Terraces

Clearly inspired by Glastonbury 2023,  Truro School turned up the amps, and revellers settled in for the grand finale of the terrace line-up with the Truro School rock concert, which carried audiences through and an eclectic line-up of hits from Blink 182 to the Beetles, Amy Macdonald and some improvised pieces.

The laid-back festival-style event was a culmination of the effort of music lessons, band sessions and small informal groups who get together in their spare time to jam.

Mr Thompson stepped in on vocals for some memorable numbers, including Tina Turner’s ‘You’re Simply the Best’, and Tom Holland provided a supporting role throughout some outstanding musical numbers.

In his address, Mr Johnson noted that 20 years ago, the music department had to seek permission to play rock music on school grounds; twenty years later, there is hope and expectation this will be a firm feature on the Truro School festival calendar. The newly landscaped Truro School terraces provided exquisite views and a great backdrop to this fun musical event.

A huge thank you to all the music teachers,  led by Martin Palmer and Mr Thompson, the tech team and all the performers and their families who have supported their musical endeavours throughout the school year.

The festival ended with a show-stopping version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, showcasing exceptional musical talent and an excellent earworm for the journey home.