Date Posted... May 24th 2024

News from the Eco-Committee

The school’s Eco-Committee is a passionate group of pupils, students and staff committed to fostering environmental awareness and sustainability within the school community. The committee meet every Friday morning to discuss and implement green initiatives, aiming to make Truro School and the community more eco-friendly. The committee recently hosted an assembly for all pupils on World Earth Day where they shared a film they had made about all the useful things pupils can do within the school to make a difference.

News Update

As we approach the half term, the Eco-Committee would like to share some wonderful ideas to help increase biodiversity in our county. These activities are perfect for families looking to make a positive environmental impact during the break. You can find these ideas on the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s website here. Suggestions range from creating bird boxes to building a coastal garden, offering fun and educational ways to connect with nature.

Additionally, the Eco-Committee would like to share valuable advice on reducing plastic usage while travelling. This is particularly relevant for families planning trips over the half term. We recommend including the “9 Ways to Travel with Less Plastic” poster here. This poster provides practical tips to minimise plastic waste and promote sustainable travel practices.

We are grateful for your support and enthusiasm as we continue to work towards a greener future. Together, we can make a significant difference in protecting our environment.

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