Date Posted... Sep 14th 2022

Introducing the New Head Girl and Head Boy and Deputies

The new academic year heralds the arrival of a new Senior Prefect Team, this time led by Head Girl Soumya, Head Boy Oliver and Deputy Head Girl Alicia and Deputy Head Boy Magnus.

We caught up with them to learn more about their time so far at Truro School Sixth, their aspirations for their roles and what the Year of Compassion means to them.


First of all, a huge congratulations to you all for your roles. Why did you want to apply for a Prefect position, and what do you hope to achieve this year?

Oliver: In the Lower 6th, I found myself more integrated with the lower years through Music and German in particular. I enjoy leadership roles and I want to continue to further the integration with the lower years through tutoring, in particular with subjects with smaller class sizes. I’d like to see more student-led clinics run by the Subject Prefects across the School.

Throughout Covid, we had our music ensembles limited to year groups. Now we are freer to inter-mingle, I want to continue to increase mixing between years within ensembles.

I enjoy that in Sixth Form we aren’t separated and there is mixing within the years. I want to create more student-led activities within the Sixth Form to increase this even more.

Soumya: Over the years, I have looked at the Head Girls and always thought that was what I wanted to be. I’ve been here since Year 1 (in Prep) and I want to represent the students to bring their voices to the SLT. I’ve seen everything across the School and I feel that Head Girl is a great way to affect change. To take things people are struggling with and to see how I can help them.

The School is growing and so there needs to be lots of events and mentorship opportunities between the older and younger pupils. I want to organise more things with Truro School Prep too. I loved the Chemistry event we ran with the Year 2s last year and would love to do more like this to inspire them.

Diversity and inclusion are important to me too. I want the School to be a safe place for everyone. Not just racially, but with gender inclusion too. The School should be at the forefront of this.

Magnus: We adopted unofficial positions of leadership last year through things like music and rugby. It is nice to be in an official leadership position now. For me, it is all about giving back to the School community.

Alicia: In my previous school, I was in a prefect role, but I felt that it was difficult to apply ideas and make changes. Here at Truro School (Alicia joined us for Sixth Form), there is a real want to make change happen. These roles actually bring change and help the community.

For me too, inclusivity is key. I want the School to be a safe place but also a happy place where pupils genuinely want to be.


What are you studying for A Level and why did you choose Truro School Sixth?

Oliver: I’m studying Biology, Chemistry, Music and German. I loved the prospect of smaller class sizes that Truro School offers. Having been here since the 1st Year, it makes a big difference to have teachers you already know for higher education.

I love music so much. Being here allows me to pursue my music through concerts and lessons. Having been here previously, I knew how my musical options would pan out.

Soumya: I’m studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths. One of the main reasons I stayed here was because of the support I get from the teachers. They really are committed to getting the best from you. I really enjoyed the Chemistry Series and I knew that within each of the departments I liked all of the teachers.

Magnus: I’m studying English, History and Economics. I’m quite big on sport and music. I wanted to keep on playing my sport while focusing on my studies too. I’m able to be Captain of the 1st Team and play music (double bass, bass guitar and singing) without having to choose one or the other. I also appreciate the support network here.

Alicia: I’m studying Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Leiths. I joined for Sixth Form because of the support given to enable you to study while doing anything else you enjoy. For example, I did ceramics as a Wednesday Afternoon Activity with Mr Brett and now do ceramics in my free time. I’m supported by Mr Brett as if I was doing A-Level art. It’s amazing.


And finally, in the Year of Compassion, what does compassion mean to you as a school value?

Oliver: I believe that it is important to show compassion and not wait for others, both within the School and our local community. It is the right time now to re-establish projects (like music) around Truro and Cornwall. The centre of compassion is other people. It doesn’t work without that interaction.

Soumya: Community is important and also compassion is about the small things. Compassion doesn’t have to be about raising huge amounts of money. It is about giving your time and helping in little ways. This often means the most.

Last year, a friend here would box up leftovers from the Sixth Form Cafe in his free periods. He liaised with Manuel in the Cafe and then took them to the homeless around Truro. This, to me, is the perfect example of compassion.

I’m looking forward to engaging in some longer-term projects and re-engaging with the community through events like litter picks and beach cleans.

Magnus: It will be nice to see how we can better share our experiences here at Truro School with other schools, for example with music and sporting festivals or coaching. We do a lot at present in the community, this is what I see as being compassionate.

Alicia: I think compassion is about not just helping someone when they are obviously down or struggling, but establishing a community where it happens naturally, all of the time. It isn’t always those who are asking for help who need help, so this is how I feel we can be more compassionate as a School; making it consistent really.


A big thank you to all of our Prefects who took time out of their busy days to share their thoughts and aspirations with us. Congratulations also to the wider Senior Prefect Team for 2022/23:

Senior Prefect team