Borneo Customs

Our Borneo adventurers have been living with local families in the village of Bilit for the last four days. They have been learning to live like the locals and appreciate their customs and traditions. The students have created bonds with their host families and made a lasting impact on the local environment by planting trees which will repopulate the river banks of the Kinabatangan River, making a wildlife corridor.

They have also been supporting the community by making prawn traps for them to use and painting the home of one of our host families. It’s amazing how fast painting a house takes when 33 people work together!

Visiting the local primary school was a particular highlight in which students learnt basic conversational skills in Malay and forged connections with younger pupils. They also painted a mural and enjoyed the early wake-up dancing and traditional games. This part of the stay ended with presentations and dancing in traditional clothes.